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Stree Busting!

Stress is always going to be a factor in your life, whether it’s sitting in traffic to make that 11.15 flight or finding that you have forgotten a vital ingredient for a dinner party.  Usually the situation plays out and we find ways of bringing ourselves down to a more relaxed level, even if it might take a large glass of Malbec to do that!

Problems arise when several areas of your life are stressful all at once.  We spend a large majority of our time at work, so if you can bring the stress levels down there you will be in find yourself in a better frame of mind so that other areas seem less overwhelming.

Recognising areas that are contributing to the situation at work is a step in the right direction.  Do you find it hard to say “no”?  Do you find it hard to delegate?   Sometimes just taking time out to look at your workload and decide if your time could be better put to use on the areas that you excel in and pass on some of the more routine tasks to an assistant or perhaps systemise other areas such as automating regular social media posts will be all that is needed.

Another area that is key for a more relaxing day is taking regular breaks.  I was often guilty of switching on my Toggl timer for a client and sitting solidly at my desk for three hours not even taking a tea break when I knew full well that just having that five minute respite, away from the desk, would re-focus me for the rest of the day.

So I now make sure that I have regular breaks and have also found a great uplifting tonic tea that is really refreshing which you may like to try, the act of taking time to stir the leaves and allow them to brew will ensure that you actually take time out and relax.

I’ve shown the Tonic Tea recipe below, enjoy and ‘cheers’ to a less stressful week ahead!

  • 3 Teaspoons fresh Dandelion & Nettle leaves

  • 1 Teaspoon Blackcurrant leaves

  • 1 Teaspoon Borage leaves

Mix together the leaves in a tea strainer and leave to infuse in boiling water for five minutes before straining.

Sweeten with lemon and honey to taste.

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